Triple Distilled Cannabis Oil Cartridge

Distilled Clear Oil Cartridge – Sativa – 1000mg


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Product Description

Delta Amber Triple Distilled – CLEAR Oil Cartridge – Sativa

This Triple Distilled Clear Oil Cartridge from from Delta Amber is the pinnacle of purity. Testing at a robust 67% THC content, these cartridges not only taste great but will give you the energetic, Sativa high you are looking for. There is no better technology for extracting THC than the one pioneered by Delta Amber — this is THC in its purest form.

How Can You Use Delta Amber Fractionally Distilled Oil Cartridges – Sativa?

This Distilled Clear Oil Cartridge fits most standard e-pens, so if you already have one, you shouldn’t have any problems getting started. There is no better, purer way to consume THC than vaping these Triple Distilled Clear oil cartridges. Great for daytime use, Sativa is generally associated with an energetic feel that wont slow you down or hinder your daily routine.

For those who don’t have an E-Pen,  you can still make use of this amazing product by putting it directly on your flower. It’s as clean and pure as it gets, and should taste great with any strain.

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