Dreams Edible Capsules CBD 1 : THC 1 – 200mg

5.00 out of 5 Dreams Edible Capsules CBD 1 : THC 1 - 200mg
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Product Description

Dreams Edible Capsules CBD 1 : THC 1

Cannabis Capsules: 200MG total

Potency: 31.19mg THC and 26.64mg CBD

1 Pack: 4 Cap.

What are Dreams Edible Capsules?

Dreams Edible Capsules are flying off shelves across California. These, available in packs of four, contain equal parts CBD and THC, measuring at 50-milligrams each per pack. Tested free of contaminants, such as molds, pesticides and solvents, the company guarantees quality. Using pure CO2 extraction methods and infused in fractioned coconut oil, they are highly effective for medical use.

Because each capsule comes dosed with just over 31 milligrams of THC, expect to feel them. However, effects can take an hour, even two, to kick in. Wait it out before consuming any more, as too much THC can feel unpleasant. Effects are evenly balanced. You will feel happy, uplifted, motivated, and energized for a good few hours, before gradually becoming relaxed, hungry, content, and very, very drowsy.

Because of the high levels of CBD in these capsules, they are particularly popular among medical patients, who use them to treat a variety of health complaints, from chronic pain to headaches, seizures, anxiety, depression, vomiting, nausea, inflammation, muscular spasms, convulsions, neurological disorders, psychosis, chronic stress, and even the side effects of conventional cancer treatments.

Because Day Dreamers Edible Capsules contain equal parts CBD and THC, they benefit all who try them. Potent, therapeutic, and with evenly balanced effects, they are popular medically and recreationally.

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1 review for Dreams Edible Capsules CBD 1 : THC 1 – 200mg

  1. Leigh
    5 out of 5


    OMG! These capsules where such a lifesaver after a total crap day! First time CBD user and relaxed the whole body. Love this mix of CBD and THC

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