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Bloom Farms E-Pen Vape Battery and Charger

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Bloom Farms E-Pen Vape Battery and Charger

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What are an E-Pen Vape Battery and Charger?

If you ever need to replace the battery in your E-pen, then Bloom Farms E-Pen Vape Battery and Charger fit all standard sizes. Designed specifically for the company’s range of vaping cartridges, this battery has a capacity of 280mAH and works best at a range of between 3.3V and 4.2V. Although batteries typically last the duration of an entire cartridge on just one charge, they are rechargeable up to 150 times.

That is huge mileage for a battery, but it will eventually go flat and require replacement. Cartridge resistance measures around 1.9~2.1Ω, or ohms, and the maximum limit is roughly 2.0A. Although this battery will fit any of Bloom Farms’ vaping cartridges, and other any of standard size, the company does not recommend using high-powered batteries with any of its products. Instead, it sells the right one.

Bloom Farms also includes a USB charger with its replacement battery. This plugs easily into a wall socket and charges the battery up in around an hour. The company recommends keeping your E-pen on charge if puffing during this time, but it does not advise leaving it on charge overnight, or once charged fully. When charging, its battery light will be on. When full, it will flash once and switch itself off.

Most folks buy a new E-pen before they ever need a new battery, but this is not always the case. Some use their vaporizers for years, happily replacing cartridges, batteries, and chargers as needed.

  • Thread it into the USB included
  • Plug into your laptop or adapter
  • If charging, white, solid light in indicated
  • When fully charged, light goes off or starts flashing

Troubleshooting the Bloom Farms Battery

If you notice that your Bloom Farms cartridge is not functioning optimally, it may be due to a number of things, including the battery. But to ensure the battery is functioning perfectly, you can troubleshoot by doing the following:

  • Make sure there are no plastic seals on cartridge’s threads before plugging
  • Check if your battery is charged. Red light means dead battery
  • Try adjusting the cartridge by screwing more/less hard
  • The cartridge may be faulty; try fixing you’re the battery into another

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  1. Mose
    5 out of 5


    Top quality battery pen!! Always works with the cartridges i buy

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