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Edible Lemon Drops – 100mg THC

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Product Description

Edible Lemon Drops – 100mg THC

10 individually infused: 10mg THC each Lemon Drop

This is a tasty Edible treat candy Lemon Drop infused with THC, for maximum enjoyment and relief. Enjoy the taste of Cannabis as you pop a lemon drop and feel the pain release along your body.  Infused with hash oil, just one lemon drop is strong enough to offer your dose of THC for any occasion.

THC Edible Lemon Drops means the properties of this edible certainly will get you high and feeling euphoric. This is an edible product which will certainly get you feeling good and high.

How To Use These Edible Lemon Drops – 100mg THC ?

You can use these THC Lemon Drops  to feel some true bodily and mental enjoyment as you get back from a long day at work. These Edipure THC Lemon Drops are tasty and effective containing 10mg of THC per drop, you will certainly be able to effectively dose yourself with the THC Lemon Drops from EdiPure.  Try the advanced Cananbis Edibles from Edipure today and enjoy the infused products as a daily treat. Enjoy free Marijuana Edible delivery of this THC Edible lemon drop

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1 review for Edible Lemon Drops – 100mg THC

  1. moriya
    5 out of 5


    Amazing product. Really tasty, super quality and trusted product.

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