Disposable Vape Pen Hybrid

Elite Disposable Weed Vapor Pen – Hybrid

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Product Description

Elite Disposable Weed Vapor Pen – Hybrid


Elite Disposable Weed Vapor Pen – Hybrid

The Elite Family produces the best Vapor Pens on the market. Containing 500mg per Pen, this is a wonderful all-in-one Disposable Hybrid vape you will enjoy. Elite makes the very best disposable Vapor pen hybrid devices on the Cannabis market. The Cannabis oil is rich and pure. Bringing together a wonderfully high experience. Elite brands produces compliant California products, made with the very purest oil, happiness and a bit of love. PotValet products are pesticide free, offering a pure and natural cannabis experience in every puff and that is guaranteed in every product we sell. 

How do I use  the Elite Disposable Weed Vapor Pen – Hybrid ?

Super easy, no additional devices are needed to puff and enjoy this product.  Open the packaging and start puffing away from the device.  Disposable Pens have become popular in California, as this is the easiest product to use on the go. Puff away, without any other devices, lighter or charger, it’s as easy as can be.

This product can be easily put in your pocket or purse. Bust out the device, when you are ready to enjoy.

Elite Epen products are potent, easy to use and contains 500mg of THC in each disposable Epen!! The Epen cartridges are California certified and a safe product you will enjoy.

Elite EPens products are members of the compliant certified California cannabis companies, like every company, we feature.  The company is based out of Santa Barbara, California and is known for providing top shelf strains and products you can count on and trust. This is a top shelf all in one disposable e-pen Hybrid cartridge made from the top hybrid strains in Santa Barbara and that is a guarantee.

Elite super premium flower experience provides an awesome disposable vape pen device that is second to none. Made from the famous Elite brands hybrid cannabis strains, you are sure to be satisfied and high as can be..

Vape at your discretion and wait about 5 minutes to feel the affects.

Containing pure cannabis oil indica in each disposable Vapor Pen Device, no other device is required to use this product.

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6 reviews for Elite Disposable Weed Vapor Pen – Hybrid

  1. Carmen
    5 out of 5


    So happy its back in stock!! This was my go-to Vapor Pen for the past month and then they ran out! The pull is easy and smooth! The high is out of this planet! Just Amazing! I love the brand and the product

  2. Dorothy
    5 out of 5


    Ordering another one now! Love this Vapor Pen

  3. Ty
    5 out of 5


    Best Disposable Vape on the market

  4. Jefferson
    4 out of 5


    Great Vapor pen, best ive tried!!

  5. Riley
    5 out of 5


    This is my favorite of the Elite Epen brands! Effective!!!!

  6. Ulysses
    4 out of 5


    I just love the flavor, the smoke, the simple and easy use! This is my favorite product!!

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