Green Dragon Feria

Feria weed – Indica – by Green Dragon

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Feria weed – Indica – by Green Dragon

Feria weed by Green Dragon is an extremely popular cannabis strain. This Indica-leaning delight is extremely potent. The company keeps its exact genetics a secret, but you know you are getting the finest. Each 3.5-gram jar contains some of the best buds in California. Tests find no contaminants. No pesticides or other impurities. Instead, they find an abundance of cannabinoids, most especially over 32 percent THC.

Because of its extreme potency, newbies should proceed cautiously. This is not a good strain for daytime use. It is sleepy, relaxing, and not very productive at all. You feel its kick near immediately. No waiting around for this one. Instead, you will forget your name in no time at all. Soon, you might find yourself glued to your best couch for the next several hours. Starving. Prepare for the “munchies” beforehand.

For medical users, Feria is especially promising. It is frankly abundant in a variety of useful cannabinoids, all with their own unique therapeutic properties on offer. You can use this strain to relieve anxiety, pain, inflammation, stress, depression, glaucoma, headache, cancer, appetite problems, muscular spasms, seizures, convulsions, toxicity, sleeping disorders, insomnia, nausea, vomiting, and so much more.

While patients benefit from the Green Dragon Feria strain, recreational users love it too. It is insanely potent, with effects so strong they will leave you wondering what happened for several exciting hours.

THC: 31.7%

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