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Fiancée weed Strain – Indica – By West Coast Treez

5.00 out of 5 Fiancée weed Strain - Indica - By West Coast Treez
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Fiancée weed Strain – Indica – By West Coast Treez


What is Fiancée weed Strain – Indica – By West Coast Treez all about?

Fiancée by West Coast Treez is a bestselling cannabis strain everywhere it goes in California. These Indica-dominant buds have famous parentage, being the hybrid cross of the potent Wedding Cake and Mendo Breath strains. The result is quality. Tests prove this claim. They find no impurities at all, only cannabinoids, most notably THC. Levels measure around 29 percent, making a brave heart necessary.

Effects are instant. You feel this strain near immediately. Obviously too. It feels like a 10-ton truck of euphoria hits you running. This is a relaxing strain. Warm and fuzzy. It is ideal for use in the evening, before bed. It is tranquil, calm, and sleepy, more so as dosage increases. Large doses can get rather tranquilizing. It is advisable to prepare snacks ahead. The “munchies” come guaranteed. Every time.

Those using weed therapeutically will benefit much from Fiancée. It offers a cannabinoid profile the envy of many other strains. These nugs are effective anti-inflammatories, analgesics, antiemetics, antipsychotics, antidepressants, anxiolytics, anticonvulsants, antispasmodics, antiepileptics, and the list never ends. This strain treats insomnia most effectively. It also helps to regulate a wayward appetite.

Not just patients benefit from West Coast Treez Fiancée. Everybody does. In fact, this is a recreational favorite, mostly for its extreme potency, delightful flavors, and its very, very hard-hitting effects.

THC: 35%

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    Great weed strain

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