FlavRX Golden Apple Oil Catridges

FlavRX Oil Cartridges – Golden Apple – Indica – 1 Gram


Verified Genetics | Pot Valet Marijuana Delivery

Verified Genetics | Pot Valet Marijuana Delivery

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FlavRX Golden Apple Oil Cartridges

Despite being a relatively new brand on the cannabis market, FlavRX’s cannabis products have won multiple awards—an indication of tested quality and potency. Using a special technique to create their concentrates, FlavRX Golden Apple oil cartridges meet all compliance requirements. And a team of experts with advanced scientific knowledge and insight on Cannabis makes this possible.

Golden Apple comes with a delicious fruity taste with a spicy ginger zing that pleases your sense of taste, right from the first inhale. The sweet vapor is accented by a rich apple flavor that is accented on the exhale. Golden Apple is a 50/50 hybrid that offers powerful cerebral effects. The comedown washes over you with a feeling of deep relaxation that won’t cause couch lock or sluggishness.

The effects of this strain align well with marijuana patients seeking help with depression and anxiety. Its nearly narcotic body effects also help with pain and muscle inflammation. Vapers who need to boost their appetite, and alleviate stress and sleeplessness may also find the Golden Apple vape cartridge handy.

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