Foria Awaken Sensual oil

FORIA Awaken – Vaginal Oil for Pleasure and Comfort


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Verified Genetics | Pot Valet Marijuana Delivery

Product Description

FORIA Awaken – Vaginal Oil for Pleasure and Comfort

1 bottle of Sensual Vaginal Oil:  Contains 30ML

Foria Awaken:
Used for restoration or designed to be used topically for sensual enhancement on the vaginal region during that fun time

Apply directly to the clitoris, inner and outer labia and inside the vagina for best results. Pleasure yourself alone or with a partner, this product is mainly used for women during alone time but can also be used with a partner

The Awaken is the new product of Foria and is geared to take the Pleasure to a whole new level, individually or with partners, this is the ultimate Female enhancement product

To use properly: Apply directly to the clitoris liberally to the inner and outer labia and also inside the vaginal track. This product is best used to pleasure yourself alone but, is also good to use with a partner. Reach your inner potential and pleasure with Foria and PotValet. Serving per person, is 4 or more sprays per sexual experience. FORIA Awaken is vegan and gluten free and is not compatible with latex and most condoms.

The Foria Awaken is produced by blending 8 all natural aphrodisiacs, like Kava Kava, Cacao, Hemp, Vanilla, Cannabis and Cinnamon.
FORIA Awaken was created to support women’s health and well-being, by opening the door to all natural sensual Vaginal pleasure.  Awaken works to promote your body’s systems, while enhancing relaxation and increasing users blood flow, for a potent  “aphrodisiac” high for her.
Testimonials from women about Awaken are surreal, mainly increases in arousal, promotion of natural lubrication, and heighten sensations, making the orgasm fuller, more intense for the female user.  For most women, Awaken reduces physical tension and discomfort, creating the relaxation necessary for daily activities and sensual experiences. This spray is also used for restorative vaginal comfort.

Typical serving size is 4 or more sprays
FORIA Awaken is not compatible with latex

What To Expect From FORIA Awaken – Vaginal Oil for Pleasure and Comfort?

The new Foria Awaken Oil is meant to be actively applied to the vaginal region, in the form of 3-4 sprays, the formula has been created for sensual enchantment for the female user and relief from strain. This spray is made for enhancement during sex or masturbation. This products brings muscle relaxation and pleasure, along with promoting a healthy lifestyle below, for all women. Try Foria Awaken today and have a female driver deliver the product to your door.

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