Foria Pleasure sensual vaginal Cannabis oil

FORIA Pleasure Within – Sensual Vaginal Oil for Her


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Product Description

FORIA Pleasure Within – Sensual Vaginal Oil for Her

1 bottle of Sensual Vaginal Oil:  Contains 75mg of THC

Foria Pleasure: The all Natural sensual enhancement oil created for women of all ages. Made with 100% natural liquid coconut oil and cannabis to keep your moist and in comfort during that sensual time

Try FORIA Pleasure today, and feel the pleasure within you, turn into wonder. This oil is made for women to use in their vagina, the oil brings an overwhelming sensation of vaginal enhancement and allows the user to reach heights of true pleasure when using the Foria oils and products. If your a women, looking for some fun, add some extra pleasure to your life and try the Foria  Cannabis products today from PotValet. Foria specializes in all natural sensual enhancement cannabis products for women and men. Foria is famous and known for their feminine products and serums for pain relief and pleasure. This all natural oil is made specifically for her pleasure and enjoyment

Foria Pleasure is used by applying inside the vaginal track, to deliver THC and CBD directly, ensuring healthy relaxation and enhanced pleasure during that fun risky time of the night.  The cocount oil has a naturally low ph that is great for skin care and great for maintaining a healthy vaginal PH, which is essential for fighting off yeast, bacteria and promoting harmony throughout the female body. Each bottle of Oil contains 75mg of THC for pleasure within her.

What To Expect From FORIA Pleasure Within – Sensual Vaginal Oil for Her?

This sensual Oil is meant to be delivered vaginally to the inside track of the clit, the formula has been created for sensual enchantment in the female patient. This oil is made for enhancement during sexual times and that fun time of the night for just her. This products helps bring muscle relaxation and pleasure, along with promoting a healthy life for her. Try your Foria pleasure today and have a female driver deliver the product to your door.

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