Foria Relief Vaginal Tampons

FORIA Relief Vaginal Cannabis Tampons – for Women


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Verified Genetics | Pot Valet Marijuana Delivery

Product Description

FORIA Relief Vaginal Cannabis Tampons – for Women

Pack:  Contains 2 Tampons.

Each Tampon: A single serving contains 60mg of THC and 10mg of CBD

FORIA Relief Vaginal Tampons  contains both THC and CBD and provide extreme relief during menstruation. This is the first product of its kind, Foria created all natural Medicated Tampons for women of all ages. These natural Medical Marijuana Tampons from Foria provide relief from pain, within 20 minutes of using.  Tampon suppositories from Foria are all natural products and have been designed to maximize pain relief while relieving muscle tension during menstrual cycles. These Tampons are all natural products and bring relief, without making the user “high”, so they used for straight relief from any unpleasant pain or tension.

Foria decided to create Cannabis Tampons, noticing the powerful healing agents of Cannabis. These products are all natural suppositories, leaving behind the carcinogens found in other tampons sold in supermarkets and grocery stores. All natural Cannabis tampons from Foria are specialized to ease symptoms of menstruation, ensuring safe relief for all women using the product.

What To Expect From FORIA Relief Vaginal Tampons for Women?

Marijuana Medicated Tampons provide relief, wherever pain is found when menstruating. Foria Relief products contains both THC and CBD, the two main key factoring ingredients cannabinoid compounds found in Marijuana to be effective for pain relief.  Foria has developed a process to activate some cannabinoid receptors in the pelvic region of the female body.  When using tampons, medication is introduced into the body by inserting the suppositories as any other tampon.

Foria reports that users experience a decrease in the pain and discomfort associated with menstruation when using these Medical Marijuana Tampons. The cannabinoids work fast infecting the nerve endings of the uterus, immune system, cervix, ovaries and surrounding muscle tissues, bringing complete and relief to the female user within 20 minutes. THC positively affects the nerves, and you start to receive relief, usually after 20 minutes of using the product.  Suppositories allow for the pleasure to kick in instantly. The CBD starts to reduce and relieve cramping and pain that normally occurs. Foria Relief products harnesses the power of the two main cannabinoids in Marijuana providing women with safe relief and natural alternative to the mainstream tampons sold throughout the world today.  These Medicated Tampons help manage the cramps and pain often experienced when menstruating and be confident that Foria uses all Natural products, when buying these products from PotValet.

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