Distlled Clear Cananbis Oil syringe

91% THC Fractionally Distilled CLEAR Marijuana Oil | Sativa | Syringe – 1 Gram

5.00 out of 5 91% THC Fractionally Distilled CLEAR Marijuana Oil | Sativa | Syringe - 1 Gram
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91% THC Fractionally Distilled CLEAR Marijuana Oil | Sativa | Syringe – 1 Gram

SATIVA – Hi Tone – 1 Gram CLEAR Marijuana –  Triple Distilled Cannabis OIL

THC: 91.02% | CBD 0.0 | CBN 2.12%

Hi Tone is known for the purity and strong level of THC. These Sativa Hi Tone Fractionally Distilled Clear Marijuana oil syringes have removed all plant matter and happen to be some of the strongest concentrates you can guy anywhere. The oil is actually Clear, like looking through a window. Buy Clear Cannabis Oil today from PotValet.  Sativa Cannabis Oil Syringes are good for easily medicating a dose of Cannabis. Each Syringe contains 1 gram of Clear Marijuana Oil, this is like nothing you have seen before or tried, only a couple companies in the world have this technology and Hi Tone is one of the few producers of Clear Fractionally Distilled Cannabis Oil.  The Syringes are completely clear cannabis oil, all plant matter discarded and removed. This is Cannabis distillation to the Max.  Testing at the highest grade and purity of any concentrate in the world. This Sativa concentrate is actually clear, cannabis Oil.  Each Sativa syringes tests just above 91% THC content. You can do many things with this oil, it is super pure which allows you to bake, smoke or dab with this Clear Cannabis Oil.

Hi Tone Sativa 1 gram Clear Cannabis Oil Syringes are easy to use and practical to medicate with, unscrew the cap and start pushing the oil out into an old oil Cartridge, onto a bowl or into your new edible creation.

Why Use These Fractionally Distilled CLEAR Marijuana Oil | Sativa | Syringe – 1 Gram?

The newest tech in Marijuana, Fractionally distilled Clear Cannabis Oil syringes are easy to use and extremely potent. This is the purest cannabis technology you will every try, THC testing over 91% in this Sativa Syringe. Buy Clear Marijuana Oil syringes today at PotValet in California. Introduce yourself to the highest rated products on the internet, Clear Cannabis Oil syringes will exceed your expectations and take you to a euphoric world, leaving pains behind.  Hi Tone syringes make for easy use, dose as you push Cannabis out of the syringe, with each drop of medicine, allows a user to medicate via dab, bake or smoke.  Try Sativa Clear Marijuana Oil testing above 91% THC today.  Sativa Clear Cannabis syringes are extreme effective and the purest Sativa Oil you will ever find.

Pot Valet Fractionally Distilled Clear Cannabis Oil syringes are available in California | Safely and Legally | 100% Original Products

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1 review for 91% THC Fractionally Distilled CLEAR Marijuana Oil | Sativa | Syringe – 1 Gram

  1. Shane
    5 out of 5


    Got Pineapple Express and wow is that a good sativa dominant strain. All the benefits of sativa; energy, clear thought, smiley face, even creative inspiration.(which I thought was bs until earlier today). The high mellows out nice to a content upbeat attitude. This brand has been my goto since my local supplier began only selling wax at 60 a gram. Love the purity, all plant material is gone so it leaves no nasty toxic residue as low end wax may do. Warning though, this is strong medicine so smoke with caution, u can always smoke more. If u eat it just remember while ur having ur weed anxiety attack, no on has died from marijuana. U will be ok 😉 those who’ve over indulged know

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