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Game Changer Cannabis Strain – Hybrid

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Product Description

What is Game Changer?

Game Changer is one of the few strains that offers as much potency as it does its visual appeal. A direct descendant of two complex strains, Purple Dragon and a Thai landrace phenotype (Green Thai), this bud combines the aesthetics, and aroma and flavor profiles of its parents.

Game Changer is a hybrid with a 60% indica component which provides a well-balanced high. Its THC levels go between a moderate 18% and enormous 30%. An attractive-looking strain that doesn’t fail to impress at every stare, Game Changer’s spring green-colored leaves have patches of purple and dark blue, and are threaded through with hairy orange pistils.

Properly dried Game Changer buds releases a unique tropical aroma, with hints fruity notes that bears semblance to berry and grape. When smoked, it burns with a pungent, sour smoke that may induce coughing. This smoke tastes floral and fruity on the exhale.

Effects of Game Changer Strain

The effects of this strain sets in after several minutes—a creeper kind of high that starts to manifest after you take the last hit from your joint. It starts with a tingle that’s first noticed in the eyes, spreads to the core, and then other parts of the body.

This strain’s high makes it quite remarkable as both its cerebral and body effects setting in simultaneously—a desirable blend of mental stimulation and physical relaxation. It a great strain for social gatherings as it evokes a positive and free-associative spirit.

Medical Benefits of Game Changer Strain

Game Changer has mood elevating properties that may temporarily alleviate your stress and depression. The focus it provides may help patients with ADD/ADHD. Game Changer’s indica provides sedation that soothe aches and pains that may be caused by conditions such as lupus or arthritis. Patients who are prone to anxiety or who have a low tolerance for THC are advised to consume this flower with caution, as it may induce racy thought which could possibly lead to paranoia.

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2 reviews for Game Changer Cannabis Strain – Hybrid

  1. Percy
    5 out of 5


    Pretty good stuff, for just $30 an 1/8th, came packaged and nice presentation too

  2. Percy
    5 out of 5


    The name is kinda weird but, my mood did change from depressed to euphoric, so maybe it is a game changer

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