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Gelato disposable Weed Pen – Hybrid – by Lime – 500mg


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Gelato disposable Weed Pen – Hybrid – by Lime – 500mg

Gelato disposable Weed Pen is a great Hybrid Pen by Lime containing 500mg of hybrid Cannabis oil in each pen device. The weed oil is extracted by the co2 method with no additives, no glycols, and no glycerine. It consists of 82.49% THC. These oil Pens are very pure and taste awesome. These are made of pure oil directly from Legal Cannabis flower. It is very beneficial for those suffering from hypertension, and pain. It will make you feel relaxed and sleepy.

Nothing more than your breath is required to activate this weed Pen Device by Lime. This is 500mg of pure Cannabis oil in a weed pen device, made by the famous Lime Cannabis brand.

THC: 82.49%

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