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Glory Daze Marijuana Strain – Hybrid


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Product Description

Glory Daze Marijuana Strain

What is Glory Daze Marijuana?

Glory Daze Marijuana Strain was developed by ProGen and grown by Purple Frost genetics. The strain was created by crossing Cinderella 99 and Blueberry strain of cannabis. The aim of the breeder was to capture the high resin production of Cinderella 99 and the intense aroma profile of Blueberry. Their offspring, Glory Daze, is a balanced sativa-indica hybrid with a strong fruity aroma and enormous yield, flowering in just 8 weeks after cultivation. Providing a fruity and surreal high which wont be forgotten.

Effects of Glory Daze Marijuana Strain

Right from the first puff, a strong flavor fills your palate with fruity notes and hints of citrus and spice. On the exhale, the nuances linger in the throat, leaving a very pleasant aftertaste.

Glory Daze exhibit mostly sativa effects—euphoric, uplifting, active, and focused. An herb ideal for daytime consumption, Glory Daze is well suited for social gatherings where creative matters are being discussed. It possesses a psychoactive content that relatively lasts longer than most other sativas. This was one of its properties that inspired the name of the strain.

Classification: Hybrid

Lineage: Cinderella 99 X Blueberry

Flowering: 8 weeks

Growing Conditions: Indoor/Outdoor

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