GMO Cookies Pre-Roll

GMO Cookies Pre-Roll – Indica Hybrid – by DimeBag

5.00 out of 5 GMO Cookies Pre-Roll - Indica Hybrid - by DimeBag
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GMO Cookies Pre-Roll – Indica Hybrid – by DimeBag

The GMO Cookies Pre-Roll by Dime Bag is insanely popular. These readymade joints come pre-filled with the Indica-heavy GMO Cookies strain, itself a hybrid cross of the notorious award-winning strains Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdawg. Laboratory tests measure THC levels at 24 percent. These potent joints are unforgettable. Grown under perfect conditions, quality and purity come proven and guaranteed.

Effects hit hard. Fast. There is no waiting to feel this strain. It starts with a head buzz, a focused intensity, an energetic creativity. However, this soon morphs into a calm, relaxed, body-heavy stone typical of potent Indicas. GMO Cookies is sleepy. It causes couchlock in even moderate doses. It also induces the “munchies,” leaving you ravenous and ready to eat whatever you find. Prepare beforehand.

Popular with medical users, GMO Cookies offers an abundance of medical uses. It relieves chronic, acute, and all manner of pains. It treats inflammation, quells nausea, and stops vomiting. It ends insomnia, lets you sleep peacefully. It reduces muscular spasms, convulsions, and even seizures. Popular among cancer patients, this strain stimulates appetite and makes cancer treatments more bearable.

Despite its many therapeutic uses, the Dime Bag GMO Cookies Pre-Roll is a favorite among recreational users too. Its potency is legendary, its flavor delightful. However, it is not suitable really for daytime use.

THC: 18.56%

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  1. Rita
    5 out of 5


    Great roll, bomb stuff

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