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Goji OG Marijuana East Hollywood Los Angeles

This marijuana strain is a hybrid Sativa dominate created from by a blend of three strains. Goji OG blend includes OG Kush hybrid, Nepalese sativa, and Snow Lotus hybrid. This bud’s name pays respect to the super food known as the Goji berry. The buds aroma is very similar to the goji berry with a cherry tart and tropical sweet notes. The smoke has a clean sweet earthy flavor. The buds are lighter in density and have a lighter lime green color, but still hold true to a quality OG. The THC content is potent at 20-25% and very low levels of CBD’s.

How Can You Use Goji OG Marijuana Downtown Los Angeles?

This marijuana is a well balanced herb that allows a perfect mix of relaxation and a euphoria that seems to ignite creativity. Due to this buds combination of two hybrids with a pure sativa the effects and medical benefits cover the entire spectrum. Goji OG’s attributes cover pain and stress relief and have also been noted to help with a lack of appetite. For those smokers looking for a all day or any situation flower Goji OG will leave you satisfied.


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