Grape Ape Cannabis

Grape Ape Cannabis Strain – Indica – by DimeBag

4.50 out of 5 Grape Ape Cannabis Strain - Indica - by DimeBag
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Grape Ape Cannabis Strain – Indica – by DimeBag

What is Grape Ape Cannabis all about?

Bred by Apothecary Genetics and Barney’s Farm, Grape Ape is an incredibly potent three-way hybrid that crosses Mendocino Purps with Skunk and Afghani strains. This tasty delight is predominantly Indica, with dense, frosty, purple-tinged flowers that emit a pungent grape-like smell that gets only stronger and darker over time. Grape Ape measures THC levels at around 25 percent. Consider yourself warned.

You do not have to wait for effects. Grape Ape hits you immediately. This happy, carefree strain will relax you so completely that movement may prove challenging. Avoid heavy machinery, all machinery, wherever you can. Effects last several hours and will keep you contentedly chilling out. However, Grape Ape can be tranquilizing, especially in larger doses, so expect starvation and an evening of couchlock.

Although Grape Ape is not a daytime strain, being more suitable for evening use, patients use it to treat a myriad of mild to severe medical conditions. This strain offers an abundance of cannabinoids, even terpenes and flavonoids, to relieve chronic pain, neuropathic pain, anxiety, nausea, depression, insomnia, vomiting, appetite loss, cancer, seizures, spasticity, inflammation, spasms, and much more.

Everybody who tries Grape Ape benefits from it, medical and recreational users alike. It is insanely potent, extremely relaxing, and uniquely introspective. Its nugs are also tasty, pungent, and very frosty.

THC: 25.19%

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2 reviews for Grape Ape Cannabis Strain – Indica – by DimeBag

  1. Lorrie
    5 out of 5


    High is great! Buds look fantastic

  2. Earnestine
    4 out of 5


    That is some FIRE!

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