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Grape Pie Live Resin

Grape Pie live resin is one of the most delicious concentrates you will find in the west coast. Cherry Pie is crossed with the strongly flavored ‘Grape Stomper’ to produce a unique strain with heavy trichomes and deep purple specks. This strain has a dense structure—fluffy and tight. Its deep green nugs are highlighted by dark purple hues. Its buds are covered in orange hairs and trichomes.

Grape Pie live resin has a sweet piney taste that leaves a delicious grape aftertaste. It delivers a potent euphoric high, and a warm buzz that is first felt in the head and shoulders. Following the mental and physical stimulation, the rest of your body will experience the full relaxed effect of the indica. This live resin concentrate will have you happy and giggly. But it is advisable to have a sizeable portion every time you want to dab or use in other ways, because it’s one of the best strains you can share while having a nice time with friends.

Grape Pie has potent indica effects that relax your body and mind, making it ideal for treating stress and muscle pain. Its mood-lifting properties may improve conditions like anxiety and depression. Using this strain will alleviate symptoms like nausea and loss of appetite with its rich, fruity flavors and ability to induce the munchies.

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