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Grapefruit Weed Strain – Sativa


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Grapefruit Weed Strain – Sativa

What is Grapefruit weed?

Originally bred by Nectar Seeds, Grapefruit is a famous cross of the beloved Cinderella 99 and a mysterious landrace Sativa with fast-flowering genetics. It is Sativa-dominant, and as such, perfect for daytime use. These buds have a tropical, citrus aroma and a rich grapefruit flavor that attracts weed lovers across California. Grapefruit is popular, both in the United States and around the world.

Independent testing measures THC concentrations for this strain at around 20 percent. Effects are very cerebral, with initial euphoria kicking in almost immediately, leaving you talkative, sociable, focused, and blissfully happy. Traces of Indica genes in Grapefruit will eventually, after several creatively energetic hours, put you in a deep and fitful sleep. For this reason, it is best for morning and afternoon use.

For patients, Grapefruit offers an ideal treatment for various symptoms and illnesses, especially when the sun is up and you have a job to do. Rich in various cannabinoids, not just THC, this strain has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, appetite stimulating, antidepressant, and anti-stress properties, among others. It is a great strain for relieving headaches and fatigue, as well as ADHD and other concentration issues.

Although beneficial for patients, recreational users enjoy many benefits from Grapefruit too. It is potent, and uniquely tasty. Its pleasant, sociable effects are highly sought after, securing its place as a bestseller.

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