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Green Crack (Hybrid)

Green Crack – Hybrid Solano County


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Product Description

Green Crack – Hybrid Solano County

Green crack Hybrid is a sharp and invigorating strain of marijuana.  Despite it’s name, it is nothing but pure cannabis and it can bring about an energetic and focused mental buzz for the user.  You can use this strain throughout the day and it will have a long lasting result.

You can enjoy the tangy and fruity flavor of this strain as it is smoked that has hints of mango undertones.  It can be very effective for patients who want to treat fatigue, stress and depression and is best used throughout the daytime due to it’s invigorating and energetic effects.

A Little Background Information About Green Crack (Hybrid)

There are two main varieties of Green Crack.  One is predominantly sativa, which descends from the Skunk #1 strain.  The other variety is 75% indica and is the descendant of the Afghani strain.  The indica variety has a tighter, more dense bud.  Because of the negative connotations that many people draw from the name of this strain, it can also be known as Green Kush instead.

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