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Product Description

Hence Edible raspberry Gummies – 200mg THC

20 per bag

Each raspberry gummy contains 10mg of THC

Black and red raspberries gummies make a great dessert or snack garnish. These black and red raspberries that are packed with jammed and sweet raspberry flavors. These raspberries are covered in sweet nonpareils and gummy & crunchy on the inside. The mixture of the nonpareils and soft gummy texture make them a delicious, crunchy, sweet, chewy, and memorable treat.

Although, these candies are not as healthy as other fruits, but, they can definitely hit the spot. Purchase them in bulk/high-quantity in either one or half-pound packages. The ingredients of these raspberries include gelatin, sugar, agar-agar, corn syrup, citric acid, caramel color, carnauba wax, natural and artificial flavors, beeswax coating, and more.

About these Black and Red Raspberry Gummies:

  • Have gummy, sweet, and chewy center with crunchy coatings
  • A great cross of black and red raspberry fruit gummies
  • Famous internationally
  • No fat
  • Fresh, delicious, crunchy, and sweet
  • 200mg THC

These tasty and yummy black and red raspberry gummies are the perfect addition to your menu. They are the great product all around.

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