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Hi Burst Sour Blue Raspberry Chews – Indica – 100mg


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Hi Burst Sour Blue Raspberry Chews – Indica – 100mg

Sour Blue Raspberry Chews by Hi Burst are bestselling edibles in California. These fruit chews contain 10 milligrams of potent THC each. That means 100 milligrams in a pack of 10. Derived from a mystery Indica-leaning strain, the company uses only the latest infusion technologies. This means purity for you, guaranteed. With a sour raspberry flavor to thrill the tongue, these fruit chews simply, fly off shelves.

However, you may wait a while to feel them. This is normal, since edibles can take up to two hours to traverse the digestive tract. The wait is worth it, no question. This is a relaxing vibe, very physical. You will feel body and mind float some, in the most wondrously sedating way. In moderation, they relax. In high doses, they make sleepy. In very large doses, expect full tranquilization, an adventure all its own.

Patients especially love these fruit chews. Infused with full spectrum extract, you get all the useful properties of cannabis. Each chew promises relief from pain, inflammation, nausea, anxiety, vomiting, depression, appetite issues, insomnia, glaucoma, headaches, cancers, convulsions, muscle spasms, seizures, tumors, fatigue, and so much more. Its list of beneficial effects is long, with too much to name.

Even so, Hi Burst Sour Blue Raspberry Chews do not benefit patients alone. Recreational users everywhere love them too, mostly for their intense flavor, dose accuracy, and extreme potency.

THC: 100mg

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