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Clear Marijuana Oil Cartridge

91% THC Hi Tone | Hybrid | Clear Cannabis Oil Cartridge – 500mg

5.00 out of 5
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Verified Genetics | Pot Valet Marijuana Delivery

Verified Genetics | Pot Valet Marijuana Delivery

Product Description

Hi Tone | Hybrid | Clear Cannabis Oil Cartridge – 500mg

91% + THC

Hi Tone Triple Distilled Clear Cannabis Oil Cartridge tests above 91% THC, due to the unique CO2 extraction process, where the Cannabis Oil is distilled 3 separate times. Welcome to the newest and best Tech in Cannabis, available only at PotValet. Hi Tone has developed these wonderful products by a unique CO2 extraction resulting in a triple distillation state of cannabis and a completely Clear Cannabis Oil Cartridges,  ensuring 91% + THC and the purest form of Marijuana oil, anywhere in the world. Pot Valet brings the best products to all patients and rest assured, the Clear Cannabis Oil cartridge is 91% THC and the purest, clearest Cannabis Oil  you will every try in a cartridge.

Hi Tone Cannabis Oil Cartridges, provide the new CLEAR tech and this cartridge is made from different Hybrid strains of Cannabis. Hi Tone has many other products as well, including Clear Marijuana Wax which is one of the purest marijuana concentrates you can buy. Try a Triple Distilled CLEAR Oil Cartridge today from PotValet

How to use these Hi Tone Triple Distilled CLEAR Cannabis Oil Cartridge (Hybrid)?

Buy an e-pen from PotValet or use your own E-pen, and enjoy the Triple Distilled CLEAR Oil Cartridge, as this will fit almost any conventional E-pen.  This new oil cartridge technology has been designed to work perfectly in most e-pen vaporizers without ever getting clogged.  This is THC in the Clearest and Purest form imaginable, Triple Distilled CLEAR Oil Cartridge, ensuring legitimate purity.  Products are CO2 extracted, tipple distilled cartridges which provides around 91% + THC
Pot Valet Marijuana Clear Oil Cartridge Delivery Santa Monica, Culver city, Beverly Hill, Inglewood and near by cities | Safely and Legally | 100% Original Products

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4 reviews for 91% THC Hi Tone | Hybrid | Clear Cannabis Oil Cartridge – 500mg

  1. Susan Mitch
    5 out of 5


    This product is absolutely amazing, I usually stick with the green but I wanted to try it and see if it was something I would enjoy. I have to say it was a great thing that I ordered this new product I would def recommend this to anyone who is into vapes!!

  2. Michael
    5 out of 5


    This is product is amazing i enjoy the way it makes me feel.

  3. laci
    5 out of 5


    tried this product was great liked everything about about it, i would definitely recommend it to other customers.

  4. dali
    5 out of 5


    Absolutely amazing and super fast working. Great product indeed.

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