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Hi Tone | Hybrid | CLEAR Cannabis Wax – 1 Gram


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Hi Tone | Hybrid | CLEAR Cannabis Wax – 1 Gram | 80% THC

Clear is the newest Technology in Cannabis, the Clear Triple Distilled marijuana wax, available only at PotValet. Hi Tone put their products to the test with a triple distillation process, which makes Hi Tone Clear Wax the best product on the internet.  This Wax is 1 full gram and 80% pure THC, this is the purest form of marijuana you will find anywhere in California. Pot Valet provides top Marijuana products to all patients and you will be amazed by the purity of Clear Wax containing 80% THC and the purest, clearest Wax you will ever try or see.

Clear Marijuana Wax from Hi Tone, has the newest CLEAR Marijuana technology, and this Wax is made from different hybrid strains of marijuana. Hi Tone has many products, including Clear Marijuana Cartridges, Hi Tone provides some of the purest products you can buy in the world. Buy Clear Marijuana Oil Wax today from PotValet in California.

How to use these Hi Tone CLEAR Cannabis Wax (Hybrid)?

If you like smoking wax then you will love Hi Tone Clear Wax because it is the purest form of Wax on the market.  It is a high tech Triple Distilled Wax that has been designed to be the purest wax on the planet.  This is THC in the purest form, actually Clear and triple distilled to the max ensuring the highest purity anywhere.  The CO2 extracted and tipple distilled process provides around 80% pure THC to the user. Buy Clear Cannabis Wax today from PotValet
Pot Valet Clear Marijuana Wax available in all of California | Safely and Legally | 100% Original Products

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