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91% THC Hi Tone | Sativa | CLEAR Marijuana Oil Cartridge – 500mg


CLEAR Cannabis Oil Cartridge


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Hi Tone | Sativa |CLEAR Marijuana Oil Cartridge – 500mg  | 91% THC

PotValet features the best and newest Technology in Cannabis, the Clear Co2 extracted Triple Distilled Marijuana oil cartridges, are the cleanest and purest form of Marijuana concentrates in the world.  Buy Hi Tone products today exclusively at PotValet. It all starts with Hi Tones Unique CO2 extracted triple distillation process, ensuring the cartridges hit 91% + THC and are completely clear.

Buy the Triple Distilled CLEAR Marijuana Oil Cartridges today from your local PotValet location. This product is the purest form of  Sativa concentrated Marijuana oil anywhere in the world. Testing above 91% THC sets this product aside from the competition.  This is the best concentrate you can find anywhere. Pot Valet brings the top Marijuana products to all patients and once you try the Clear Marijuana Oil cartridges testing at over 91% THC you will never go back to another lesser brand. This is the purest and clearest cartridges you will ever use.

Hi Tone products uses the new CLEAR Triple Distilled CO2 extracted technology, ensuring the Sativa blend you buy is ultra pure tasting and looking. Hi Tone brand has other Triple Distilled CO2 extracted Cannabis products, including Clear Triple Distilled Marijuana Wax which is an ultra pure product you can buy. Try Clear Marijuana Oil Cartridges today from PotValet

How to use the Hi Tone CLEAR Marijuana Oil Cartridge (Sativa)?

If you have an Epen, then this cartridge will most likely fit the normal E-pens which are sold across the world today.  Hi Tone is a Super tech cartridge that has been designed to not get clogged and works with almost all E-pen vaporizers.  This is THC in the Purest and cleanest form, CO2 extracted Marijuana Oil, resulting in a Clear and triple distilled cartridge, ensuring the highest purity of any cartridge.  Hi Tone unique CO2 extraction process is, Co2 extrated and tipple distilled, resulting in 91% + THC content in every Hi Tone Cartridge PotValet carries.
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