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Honeycomb Glass Bong – 15.7 Inch


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Honeycomb Glass Bong

1 Piece Glass Bong

1 Piece Glass Bowl

This is the best Glass bong you will ever try. The product is so good, that we decided to start selling them at PotValet. The key elements of this bong are the honeycomb percolators, flowing the smoke easily through each of the 3 honeycomb perc chambers, before releasing  the sweet smoke. Another cool aspect is the lack of a down-stem, reducing the amount of required cleaning.

This bong can be used to smoke just about anything. The glass bowl allows for a seamless, glass-on-glass connection. You wont get a better hit anywhere.

What is a Honeycomb Glass Bong ?

This is a smoking device, made from pure glass with an air-tight glass-on-glass connection. The water pipe contains four chambers — 3 separate honeycomb chambers and 1 oval chamber at the top. It also features an ice catcher at the top, so you can easily ice up your bong before puffing. Enjoy the amazing technology behind this 4-chamber bong and try yours today.


15.7 Inches

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