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Hot Nife Amber Cartridge – Indica – 500mg

5.00 out of 5 Hot Nife Amber Cartridge - Indica - 500mg
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Hot Nife Amber Cartridge – Indica

500mg per cartridge

Get ready to chill with our small batched, solvent free C02 oil extracted from one of the best pesticide free sourced cannabis grown in California. Relax and enjoy while you will reap the medicinal benefits of our whole plant indica amber oils.

HotNife is the newest and coolest couture company to come into the Marijuana industry. Their Amber cartridges are made up of single source oil which leaves their cartridges with the full taste and flavor of the plant, developed and processed by Hot Nife.

Why choose an Amber over a full Distillate Cartridge?

The pure distillate we carry sucks out 99.9% of the plant matter and particles, which are part of the plant, the Amber makes sure the soak up the right amount of plant matter to display the full taste, flavor and spectrum of the plant you are consuming.

PotValet started carrying HotNife because of their unique background in action sports.  The Full spectrum oil cartridges from HotNife are exactly as you would expect from a full spectrum product. Flavorful, enjoyable and a smooth high. Leaving the user satisfied and relaxed.

Amber Oil cartridges are different then the Fractionally distilled cartridges we carry because they carry alot of the plant matter and taste.  The Ambers offer a tasty old school smoking experience, which is what PotValet and HotNife are all about.  Try the HotNife Amber cartridges today and see the difference

These are Hot Nife’s ‘LITE’ Amber cartridges, not to be confused with Hot Nife’s ‘LIT’ Clear cartridges

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  1. dali
    5 out of 5


    What a amazing product! Thanks to potvalet for providing such great product.

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