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Ice Cream Cake Vaping Cartridge – Indica – by Electric Spliff


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Ice Cream Cake Vaping Cartridge – Indica – by Electric Spliff

The Ice Cream Cake Vaping Cartridge by Electric Spliff flies off shelves wherever you go in California. The company prioritizes both purity and quality, guaranteeing them with independent tests. Each one-gram cartridge has around 91 percent THC, and being an Indica-heavy strain, effects are very powerful. Ice Cream Cake is tasty, inheriting the famous dessert flavors of its Wedding Cake and Gelato #33 parents.

Effects are immediate with just a puff, perhaps two for some. Newbies should go slowly. What starts as a mighty kick to the now-giggling cerebral cortex soon turns very, very, very relaxing. Very. This is a highly physical strain with a knockout body stone. In large doses, sedation is likely. In moderate doses, pure chill. Hunger too. Ice Cream Cake definitely induces serious “munchies.” Prepare well beforehand.

For medical patients, this particular vaping cartridge is very useful. Its cannabinoid profile certainly impresses. You can puff this vape to relieve pain, no matter the type or severity. It effectively treats inflammation, as well as headaches, nausea, appetite problems, vomiting, depression, stress, anxiety, glaucoma, seizures, cancers, insomnia, convulsions, toxicity, tumors, spasms, seizures, and much more.

Even so, the Electric Spliff Ice Cream Cake Vaping Cartridge is popular with all who try it. Recreational users especially love its immense and unrelenting potency. It is tasty too and effects last several hours.

THC: 91.49%

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