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Super Session infused Pre-rolls by Fun Uncle -1g


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Super Session infused Pre-rolls by Fun Uncle -1g

Get lost in the moment or get into a state of flight. Whichever of these effects rock your boat, the Super Session infused pre-roll by Fun Uncle is sure to deliver it. Though the lineage of the flower is kept secret, the effects it delivers tells you all you need to know.

Fun Uncle’s Super Session infused pre-rolls contain premium indoor-grown flower mixed with hash and kief. Only one word aptly describes this combo: MIGHTY. These infused pre-rolls are fun and consistent, thereby offering you a superior cannabis experience that’s ideal for both a healthy and hectic lifestyle.

Super Session infused pre-rolls give off an aroma that looks like its taste—sour and herbal. It delivers a potent cerebral high and moderate body buzz that sets you on a plane to Mars. So, whenever it seems like a bad day, light up a stick and get blown away.

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