Killer Carmel Bite

Killer Caramel Bite


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Killer Caramel Bites

For individuals looking for an appetite and thorough relaxation, Killer Caramel Bite is an amazing solution. The product is handmade and pleasurably decadent with high THC levels. We make use of high-quality cannabis oils for irresistible taste and peak potency.

Killer caramel bite carries the amazing worlds of both sugar and milk for its 100 mg killer caramel bites. This cannabis creation has a delightfully creamy and soft texture that is very easy to divide into smaller parts or dosages. Every killer caramel bite can be divided into approximately four equal doses.

We use our tried and true recipes and premium cannabis oils to make these buttery, sinfully delicious, and chewy caramels. You can ingest these caramels plain or can consume them by melting over your ice cream or coffee for a sweet treat.

Give a try to our sweet and soothing handmade caramel bites with superior cannabis oil. Our chewy and buttery caramels bites are a yummy method to medicate.

Available in both 35 mg THC and 100 mg THC. For a great sweet treat, it is recommended to consume killer caramels bite with 100 mg THC!

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  1. Akij


    Ingest these caramels plain or can consume me by melting over mine ice cream or coffee for a sweet treat. Great!!!

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