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Killer Fish Zesty Cheddar Crackers


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Killer Fish Cheddar Crackers

Killer Fish zesty cheddar crackers are highly cheesy and crunchy. The ingredients used to make these crackers include CO2 extracted cannabis oil, butter, enriched wheat flour, vegetable oils, sugar, spices, yeast, salt, leavening agents, and cheddar cheese. All these ingredients are blended together to build satisfying and savory medicated snack.

Killer Fish crackers are prepared with pure solvent-free and CO2 extracted wax. Every four-ounce bag stores 95 mg THC. These crunchy and safe to consume crackers offers a range of health benefits including deep relaxation, stress reduction, mood enhancement, and pain relief.

Killer Fish zesty cheddar crackers are one of the best delicious and dank medicated cannabis edible products and really pop in the mouth. On consuming, you will taste the flavor of butter, garlic, and sea salt with a little hint of pepper.

Place your order for these cannabis crackers today, give them a try, you will know why they are highly popular in the market!

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