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Killer Lollipops

Killer Lollipops edible is a great choice for those with the sweet tooth. All the lollipops and candies are handcrafted using real fruit flavors and superior cannabis oil. Give a boost to your THC intake with these flavorful lollipops. These potent and delicious edibles can make you feel awesome.

All these THC treats are handmade using our premium and signature recipes, CO2 extracted and solvent-free cannabis oil to make delicious soothing edibles and offer amazing taste and feel. Every lollipop includes 90 mg THC that means approx three dosages for average patients.

Our Killer Lollipops edibles are available in different flavors including grape, berry-berry, blackberry, and green apple and you can but the flavor you like. Each and every product we offer known to deliver effective and reliable relief for anxiety, sleep problems, and pain as well as aiding in mood elevation and relaxation. Every product is tested routinely to ensure consistent potency and dosages.

Available in varying mg THC level and fruit flavors, our Killer Lollipops edibles are really delicious. Bring out these fantastic lollipops to your daily use and stay uplifted every time!

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