Kiva Confections 180mg Gourmet Chocolate Bar

Kiva – Dark Blackberry Chocolate Bar| 180mg

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Kiva Dark Blackberry Chocolate Bar| 180mg

KIVA Dark Blackberry Chocolate Bar contains over 180mg of THC. Confections is one of the most famous brands in California. Their chocolates are known as being the best in the industry.

They use specialized chocolate beans to make sure their chocolate is of the highest quality. These chocolate bars contain 180mg of THC and are ideal for relaxation

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2 reviews for Kiva – Dark Blackberry Chocolate Bar| 180mg

  1. James J. Hartmann
    5 out of 5


    The item quality is truly 100% quality as portrayed, i don’t taste a single bit of Marijuana residue. Super fulfilled when consuming

  2. Patricia D. Shinn
    5 out of 5


    This chocolate is bewildering. It’s genuinely made anybody lively. Nature of this item is great as they depict.

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