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Kurupts Moonrocks Original


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Kurupts Moonrocks Original: Features and Uses

Original Kurupts Moonrocks are formed when the buds from OG Kush are dipped in CO2 hash oil and then powered in kief or sicdust. It is suggested that don’t use grinder while preparing moonrocks as the process may lead you to lose lots of kief. For the best flavor and smoke, break the moonrocks into tiny parts and smoke it in a bond or pipe.

Also called as Caviar, this cannabis has been represented as the powerful bud for its exclusive properties. However, you can smoke it any way you want, remember to use a scissor instead of using a grinder if you’re rolling it yourself. It’s all Indica and available in different flavors. Also, the results of this bud last longer than a regular flower.

We take pride in the products and services we offer to our clients. Available in different quantities from 1 gram to 1/8 OZ to 1/4 OZ to 1/2 OZ and 1 OZ in varying ranges. Buy the one you can afford easily and enjoy its health benefits.

Take in small doses to experience a great improvement in nausea reduction, pain reduction, and stimulating appetite!

Some other Wonderful Products would be the Kurupts Moonrocks – Vanilla Flavor and Chiesel Strain – Hybrid

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  1. melvin


    very good buds from OG Kush

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