Moonrocks Peaches and Cream

Kurupts Moonrocks Peaches and Cream


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Kurupts Moonrocks Peaches and Cream

Kurupts Moonrocks Peaches and Cream is one of the most compelling infused cannabis strains on this planet. The primary moonrock is called as the powerful bud in the galaxy and is solventless and is now made with rosin. This bud is firstly taken, dipped into rosin, and then rolled in the high-quality kief. This procedure leads this top-notch cannabis strain to carry a potent 64-65% THC.

Kurupts Moonrocks Peaches and Cream is highly effective in nausea and pain reduction. Also, this cream can boast 15% CBD rating that can help users in combating anxiety, pain, and several medical conditions.

Available in several others flavors such as black cherry, strawberry, banana, and vanilla ice cream, etc. A perfect cannabis for boosting your energy level and overall mood. The product can be a great gift idea, buy one, and give to your close ones.

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