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Kurvana ASCND Key Lime Cartridges – Sativa – 1000mg


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Kurvana ASCND Key Lime Cartridges

1 Gram

The Key Lime ASCND belongs to the line of new Kurvana vape cartridges. ASCND cartridges express the complexity of a full spectrum cannabis oil with full-bodied flavor profiles. With cannabinoid content and THC concentration averaging at 95% and 90% respectively, ASCND cartridges are. Standardized for vape enthusiasts who relish the combination of heavy psychoactive effects and true-to-strain cannabis taste profiles.

While having brands with the highest THC levels on the market, these vape pens are produced with the latest ceramic heating technology that feature user-definable adjustments that optimizes them for maximum utility. Extreme potency, original flavors, and immediate effects: these are three consistent qualities of all Kurvana ASCND cartridges.

Why are the Kurvana ASCND Key Lime Cartridges so effective ?

Every batch of ASCND Key Lime Sativa vape oil is crafted to the highest purity and quality standards and triple tested by cannabis testing labs not owned by Kurvana. Like the very principle that formed the bedrock of the Kurvana brand, their oils are as transparent as their processes, resulting in concentrates with profiles that are unmatchable for other brands.

ASCND Key Lime is a sativa which delivers extreme euphoria and intense psychoactivity, its effects almost instant. It is ideal for sativa lovers who prefer to opt for an herb more stimulating and immediately gratifying during the active hours of the day. A discrete vape product perfected for convenient and custom use, ASCND Key Lime cartridge contains 1000 mg of vape oil and 200 doses.

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