LA Kush pre-roll weed – Indica – by Herbarium

5.00 out of 5 LA Kush pre-roll weed - Indica - by Herbarium
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LA Kush pre-roll weed – Indica – by Herbarium

The LA Kush Pre-Roll weed by Herbarium is an extremely popular readymade joint in California. Its lineage is a topic of controversy, with some claiming OG Kush parentage, others Abusive OG. Regardless, LA Kush is a lovely strain, popular for good reason. Herbarium rolls these joints by hand, filling each with one gram of the finest LA Kush buds in California. It defines quality, which comes guaranteed and proven by tests.

What is more, THC levels measure around 21 percent. This Indica-heavy joint offers a surprisingly good Sativa buzz so much unexpected for its profile. As such, LA Kush is a great strain for use during the day. Effects are immediate, but they are gentle. You will feel energized, sociable, and very giggly. This strain is creative, busy, and even productive in moderate doses. In big doses, it might get very sleepy instead.

Medical patients enjoy much relief from LA Kush. This is a longtime favorite strain for relieving pain and inflammation. It also offers a horde of other therapeutic properties, making it a good choice for treating nausea, vomiting, anxiety, depression, stress, headaches, glaucoma, toxicity, cancers, tumors, seizures, muscular disorders, convulsions, insomnia, fatigue, appetite problems, trauma disorders, and yet more.

Despite this, everybody benefits from a Herbarium LA Kush Pre-Roll, not only medical users. This is an especially tasty strain, loved for its balanced, gentle effects, as well as its somewhat milder potency.

THC: 22.22%

1 gram in each joint

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