Lava Weed Strain

Lava Weed Strain – Sativa – A Golden State


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Product Description

Lava Weed Strain – Sativa

Grown by Northern California master cultivators A Golden State, Lava Flower is a Sativa fresh flower live resin dominant in THCa. Lava Flower is watered with snowmelt from Mt Shasta at exactly 44 degrees. The live resin of this organically grown flower preserves the original properties of the plants due its extraction process. The result is a live resin devoid of cutting agents, artificial flavors, solvents, additives or heavy metals.

What can I expect from the Sativa Lava Weed Strain when using ?

Lava Flower packs a full range of cannabis compounds and a high terpene content, which maximizes potency and taste. You can expect a wide eye, and perky high. Enjoy this strain wile doing creative activities, for best use.

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