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Pre-Roll Lemon Jack weed – Sativa – by DimeBag

5.00 out of 5 Pre-Roll Lemon Jack weed - Sativa - by DimeBag
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Pre-Roll Lemon Jack weed – Sativa – by DimeBag

The Lemon Jack Pre-Roll by Dime Bag offers the perfect solution for newbies to cannabis and those who use weed during the day. With THC levels measuring around 18 percent, this Sativa-heavy hybrid of Jack Herer and Lemon Kush promises a gentle buzz worth remembering. Each one-gram pre-roll comes hand-rolled by Dime Bag itself. You get a quality guarantee, no pesticides, toxins, or contaminants included.

Because THC levels are moderate in this strain, effects are typically mild. This is the perfect pre-roll for anyone needing an energy boost without losing control of his or her faculties. Make no mistake; you will feel it. Effects are creeping, slow. It starts with a feeling of happiness. Added focus. A need to get busy. It is a good strain for productivity. You will find yourself completing tasks you never thought you would.

For those using cannabis medicinally, Lemon Jack is especially useful. Its mildness makes therapeutic use more manageable, especially for treating issues such as fatigue, severe pain, nausea, vomiting, anxiety, depression, lack of appetite, muscular disorders, seizures, cancer, and much more. It is sociable, a great choice for introverts. By inspiring projects, it helps to build confidence mentally, physically, and socially.

Despite its great value to medical patients, the Dime Bag Lemon Jack Pre-Roll is a bestseller among recreational users too. Everybody loves its mild potency, its delightful flavors, and its gentle effects.

THC: 16.79%

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