LIIIL STIIIZY Watermelon Zookies

LIIIL STIIIZY Watermelon Zookies Disposable Vape Pen – Indica – 500mg


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LIIIL STIIIZY Watermelon Zookies Disposable Vape Pen – Indica – 500mg

The LIIIL STIIIZY Watermelon Zookies Disposable Vape Pen is fast flying off shelves all across California. This Indica-dominant strain, called Watermelon Z for short, has unknown genetics. However, its effects are legendary. Tests measure THC levels as high as 85.6 percent. They find no impurities either. No pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, or other contaminants. Just the finest quality oil there is.

You do not wait for effects to kick in. This oil works near immediately. What starts as a euphoric head buzz soon turns physically relaxing, calming, even sedating in higher doses. This is a great vape for late afternoon and evening, even bedtime, use. It causes the “munchies,” so ready yourself for it beforehand. Get some movies ready, have snacks nearby, and this oil will glue you there most happily.

Patients find much benefit from this cartridge. Especially high in CBD, Watermelon Z is also rich in other cannabinoids and terpenes too, all with therapeutic effects to offer. This oil effectively treats headaches, vomiting, nausea, depression, anxiety, inflammation, pain, muscular spasms, convulsions, glaucoma, seizures, cancer, appetite issues, insomnia, and so much more. Cancer patients use it to aid treatment.

Everybody benefits from the LIIIL STIIIZY Watermelon Zookies Vape Pen, recreational and medical users alike. It is potent, tasty, and very hard hitting. It also lasts several blissful hours, just perfect before bed.

THC: 85.6%

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