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Locust Gold F3 OG Shatter – Indica – 1 gram


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Locust Gold F3 OG Shatter

Making a recent entry into the cannabis market, F3 OG  is a relatively new, but very potent strain. The F3 OG Cannabis plant is tested to contain THC levels of 15 – 20%. A slightly sativa leaning hybrid and phenotype of the OG Kush family, F3 OG shatter features a strong aromatic profile similar to most OG Kush varietals.

Most cannabis concentrates basically go through the same process, though they differ in texture and quality. But while some producers may offer low quality shatter concentrate just to meet market demands, the F3 OG Cannabis Shatter from Locust Gold has THC concentration that consistently goes over 70%. Given the ethical methods through which this shatter is extracted, high potency and safety of use is guaranteed, and it delivers both mental and physical effects that last for hours.

Shatter offers versatile use, an advantage that can also be explored with the substance at varying temperatures. When it is warm or made warm, it can assume a semi-solid state similar to highly viscous honey. In this form, you may infuse into an edible, or a beverage to improve solubility. When in the dried, brittle form, it can be mixed with flowers and sprinkled on bowls for added potency, or even dabbed directly. Whichever way you choose to use this shatter, be sure to get the desired results.

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