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Louis XIII Pure Vape Cartridge – Indica


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Louis XIII Pure Vape Cartridge


What is PureONE’s Louis XIII Cartridge?

Pure Vape infused Louis XIII into its award-winning PureONE range of vaping cartridges. This potent strain is particularly tasty, with sweet lemony pine flavors that linger on the palate. With floral, woody aromas, Louis XIII is particularly popular for its powerful Indica effects. Infused into a concentrated vaping oil, THC levels can reach nearly 85 percent, leaving you unquestionably stoned.

Its buzz is incredibly physical, hitting you hard and fast. Louis XIII is a calming strain, full of contentment and chill. Effects last hours and include severe “munchies.” Make sure to have some snacks at the ready, a cozy fire burning, and a few friends over or a good movie on play. In large doses, Louis XIII can be a mite sedating, causing couchlock after one or two hits too many. Rather avoid it during the day.

Louis XIII, especially when concentrated into a pure and rich vaping oil, promises a horde of medical properties. Because of its sedating effects, it is popular for treating pain, muscular and neurological disorders, even epilepsy. Its impressive cannabinoid and terpene profile ensures you get the full “entourage effect,” which maximizes and aids almost all forms of healing.

Everyone can benefit from vaping Louis XIII from Pure Vape’s PureONE range. This quality oil is full of therapeutic promise, and it offers recreational users a walloping “high.”


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