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Mac n Cheese Pre-Roll – Hybrid – by DimeBag – 1 Gram


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Mac n Cheese Pre-Roll – Hybrid – by DimeBag – 1 Gram

The Mac n Cheese Pre-Roll by Dime Bag is truly an exceptional joint. This readymade delight combines genes from Miracle Alien Cookies and Alien Cheese, two notorious strains in their own right. THC levels test at roughly 25 percent. It is potent. Each one-gram pre-roll comes lovingly rolled, ready for use anytime, anywhere. The company prides itself on the quality and purity of this bestselling strain.

Because of its potency, Mac n Cheese makes truly stoned. Immediately too, no waiting around for it. You will feel it smack you between the eyes after just a puff, two at most. This is a sociable, happy strain, known for its giggles. It is also relaxing. Peaceful. A strain impossible for conflict or strife. If you smoke too much, it can make you sleepy, though. Tread carefully. It will definitely make you hungry. Prepare.

Medical patients will enjoy much relief this pre-roll. Mac n Cheese is especially rich in terpenes, along with plentiful cannabinoids and their therapeutic properties. Folks puff these joints to relieve stress, anxiety, pain, depression, inflammation, nausea, headaches, fatigue, glaucoma, loss of appetite, spasms, seizures, convulsions, cancer, and even all the horrible side effects of existing cancer treatments.

Recreational users benefit too from the Dime Bag Mac n Cheese Pre-Roll, not medical users alone. Everybody loves its easy, balanced effects, its suitability for daytime use, and its unique flavors.

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