Mamba Mints weed

Mamba Mints weed – Indica – by Green Dragon

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Mamba Mints weed – Indica – by Green Dragon

What is Mamba Mints weed – Indica – by Green Dragon ?

Mamba Mints by Green Dragon is an extraordinarily potent cannabis strain. Each 3.5-gram jar contains the mysterious Mamba Mints, a strain with unknown genetics. The company prides itself on purity. No contaminants in these buds, guaranteed. Quality is superb too. Tests measure THC levels over 30 percent. This is crazy potent, not advisable for newbies. Further, nobody recommends it in the day.

Because of its potency, the best advice is to go very slow with this strain. Black Mamba needs only a puff or two, no more, to feel its effects. Feel them you will. Square between the eyes. What starts as a kicking cerebral buzz soon turns intensely relaxing. This strain will make you hungry, sedated, calm, and likely stuck to your sofa for the next several hours. It is a great movie strain, excellent too before bed.

If you are a medical user, then Black Mamba is especially exciting. With .7 grams of CBD and a rich profile of other cannabinoids too, as well as terpenes, this strain offers a horde of useful properties. It is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, analgesic, antiemetic, anxiolytic, antidepressant, antispasmodic, antitumor, anticancer, anticonvulsant, and more. It assures lengthy sleep. It also stimulates appetite.

However, everybody benefits from Green Dragon Mamba Mints, not patients alone. Loved for its extreme potency, tastiness, and powerful effects, its bestselling status comes as no surprise.

THC: 30.50%

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