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Melt CBD Pain Relief Lotion – Kush Queen – 100mg

5.00 out of 5 Melt CBD Pain Relief Lotion - Kush Queen - 100mg
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Product Description

Melt CBD Pain Relief Lotion – Kush Queen

100mg of CBD

Melt CBD Pain Relief Lotion by Kush Queen product has turned heads and provided serious pain relief. Many Canna-savvy people love infused skin topical and salves but would rather stay away because of the greasy and oily feel that lingers long after its application.  Melt by Kush Queen is develop with a formulation that transcends the cons of coconut oil topicals that clog pores and cause discomfort for users.

That is what makes this product so fantastic, it is surreal to the touch and healthy for your skin and body. Containing 100% pure CBD Oil infused for ultimate tension relief.

What is this wonderful CBD Pain Relief Lotion product made out of?

This water-based topical lotion is made with organic aloe juice so it does not leave a sticky residue. Also added is cooling menthol, capsium, and camphor oil. A mix that creates that desirable icy hot sensation. This product is mafe from a blend of 20 essential oils, specially selected for their pain relieving and other therapeutic properties.

Keeping the interests of especially, people with sensitive skins in mind, Melt pain relief lotion is made with almost all natural ingredients, making it a top skin care product with versatile application. This product is also 100 percent vegan, making it a great choice for everyone.

Apply a dime size to the skin area affected, rub it in, watch the lotion absorb into the skin and feel the pain literally melt away. The terpenes of all the amazing herbs in the lotion which is dominated by menthol will please your sense of smell, as much as it soothes your body and skin.

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2 reviews for Melt CBD Pain Relief Lotion – Kush Queen – 100mg

  1. stuart amilley.
    5 out of 5


    Its makes me tension free..

  2. Carlo
    5 out of 5


    Love soaking in pure CBD oil! The company is awesome!!

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