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NUG Milk Chocolate Bar Edible – Hybrid – 100mg


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NUG Milk Chocolate Bar Edible – Hybrid – 100mg

The Milk Chocolate Bar Edible by NUG is among the most popular organic edibles in California. This bestselling chocolate comes infused with a mystery hybrid. Each bar contains 16 servings, each dosed at 6.25 milligrams of THC for 100 milligrams per chocolate. The company guarantees both quality and purity, proven by independent tests. Results show no impurities whatsoever. Only lots of healthy cannabinoids.

Effects are not immediate, however. You will need to be patient and wait for them to kick in. This can take an hour, for some as long as two hours. Before long, you will feel it. The buzz starts with a warm cerebral euphoria that lasts several busy and motivated hours. Effects are creative. Innovative. Social. Eventually they taper into a calm and peaceful relaxation that will leave you sleepy and ready for bed.

If you are using edibles medicinally, then this chocolate is ideal for purpose. Its list of benefits is long with such a varied cannabinoid profile. You can use these squares to treat fatigue, anxiety, muscular spasms, inflammation, depression, nausea, toxicity, vomiting, convulsions, seizures, cancers, tumors, headaches, appetite problems, glaucoma, and all stress-related issues too. Its list of uses never ends.

Although useful therapeutically, everybody benefits from the NUG Milk Chocolate Bar, medical and recreational users alike. It is popular for its tastiness, potency, dosing accuracy, and long-lasting effects.

THC: 100mg

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