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Mintz Live Resin – Indica – Papas Herb – 1g


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Mintz Live Resin – Indica – Papas Herb – 1g

Papas Mintz Live Resin by Papa’s Herb is among the bestselling cannabis extracts in California. Derived from the Kush Mintz strain, the offspring of Animal Mints and Bubba Kush, this Indica adventure is available in potent one-gram jars. THC levels test at around 74 percent, making caution sure worthwhile. Papa’s Herb uses the best extraction techniques. The result is purity.

This is not an extract for daytime use. Its potency alone suggests staying at home. This is a calm, relaxed, and sleepy experience after just one or two hits. In large doses, it is knockout strong. Tranquilizing. Certainly incapacitating. If you have a job to do, or projects to complete, then this might not be the wisest choice. In fact, you should avoid operating any machinery altogether.

For medical users, live resin offers an abundance of concentrated benefits. Papa’s Mintz, or really Kush Mintz, is itself therapeutically valuable with its rich cannabinoid profile. Patients can effectively relieve anxiety, depression, vomiting, nausea, glaucoma, headaches, insomnia, spasms, seizures, cancers, inflammation, appetite issues, and all types of pain, even the worst.

Recreational users benefit from Papa’s Herb Papa’s Mintz Live Resin extracts too, not only medical patients. It is insanely potent, popular among those looking for the strongest products.

THC: 73.3%

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