Modified Union

Modified Union weed strain – Indica – by PassiFlora


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Modified Union weed strain – Indica – by PassiFlora

Modified Union weed by Passiflora is an Indica-dominant strain of extreme potency. As such, it is very popular. This strain crosses Respect OG with GMO to create a truly iconic strain. Tests find THC levels around 34 percent. Such potency is extreme. They find no contaminants, such as pesticides or residual solvents. You get the very best, 3.5 grams of it. Since Passiflora prioritizes quality, this claim comes guaranteed.

However, because potency is so very high, it is important to go very slowly. This is especially true for newbies, for whom too much THC can feel scary. Rather, just a few puffs will give you immediate effects. Powerful, knockout ones. This is a very relaxing, physical strain. It starts cerebral, euphoric, and then quickly expresses its Indica vibe. You will get hungry. Prepare for it. You will also get sleepy. Get ready.

Medicinally, Modified Union offers an enormous array of properties for therapeutic use. Its list of cannabinoids impresses, and you can use these compounds to exact its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anticancer, antiepileptic, antidepressant, antiemetic, anticancer, anxiolytic, anticonvulsant, antioxidant, antitumor, antipsychotic, and other effects for maximum relief. It also treats insomnia very, very well.

It is not patients alone who benefit from Passiflora Modified Union. Everybody does, and recreational users in droves. This strain is popular for its potency, its flavors, and its hard-hitting, hours-long effects.

THC: 33.82%

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