Bic Lighter Full Size

New Bic Lighter – Full Size Bic


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Product Description

New Bic Lighter – Full Size Bic

Looking for a multi-purpose lighter to carry on-the-go? Bic Full Size Lighter is the perfect option to go with.

The lighter is available in a plethora of solid playful colors to pick from.

Bic lighters are suitable for all purposes. They are long lasting compared to most adjustable flame lighters.

This is an extremely versatile product suitable for all purposes whether you need it to start a camp fire or light up a cigarette.

Product Detail/features –

  • Compliant with international standards and regulatory requirements ((ISO 9994, EN13869, ASTM F400, US CPSC)
  • Assorted colors.
  • Bic classic lighters are Made in the USA
  • Dimensions – 3 x 0.8 x 1 inches
  • Weight – 0.8 ounces
  • Long lasting; produces up to 3,000 lights
  • Easy to use. Just one flick produces the flame.
  • Quality BIC product.
  • Pre-adjusted panel for controlling flame height
  • Long lasting flame

Bic lighters are made to undergo over 50 security and quality checks before making them hit the market.

The product comes with a child-resistant safety guard in order to prevent accidental ignition. The oval shaped barrels fits perfectly in the hand.

Bic lighters are a choice of millions. If you want to buy Bic lighters, browse through the entire selection to pick one in your favorite color.


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